Thursday, March 31, 2011

Countdown to the big day……



Saturday is Frank's birthday.  And he has been wanting a new BBQ Grill.  So that is what he wanted for the auspicious occasion.  In his own inimitable way, he searched 37 stores, in 3 states, over 8 weeks and found JUST the one he wanted!  It is a Craftsman from Sears.  That way he knows he can get parts for it. 

The last one was pretty old, I think it was only the 3rd we have had in all our married years (not counting the original hibachi we had when he was at LSU).  We really don't BBQ that often but you really do need one when you want that outdoorsy feel to your meal.

The interesting thing about this particular grill, and it was on no bottle openerother grill I have seen, is that it has this on the front.  It is a bottle ca opener and a bottle cap catcher.  We put it on for kicks!

I have invited some friends for ribs and sausage.  I have a fabulous spare rib sauce that will be perfect.  I made some tamales for appetizers and we will celebrate 59 in style.  I got him a card that says Happy 60th Birthday!


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  2. Wow, what a pretty grill! What time are the ribs and saugage being served?

  3. I'm on my way - don't start without me. I love the barbeque and especially the bottle opener. Leave it to Craftsman to have something like that. I'm bringing the wine and the chips - Valerie can bring the desert.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Happy Birthday Frank! Great opener---now I won't have to bug my husband to open my beer.


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