Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So busy, so busy....but that is good!

It seems I just don't have time to do anything.  I took tamales and chicken to Carrie this morning, she is getting ready to sit for her license exam in Interior Design Engineering (she actually designs the interiors of buildings and workspaces rather than does sofas and curtains) on Friday and Saturday.  It is a 16 hours test.  She will probably be the first one of her class to get her license if she passes this one.  To sit for the exam you need to have worked under a licensed architect or a licensed IDE  for 3 years.  And that is difficult because of the licensing requirements.  So I brought her dinner and walked a mile with the granddog Hugeaux and DiNozzo the Over-Effusive. 

Frank is in Alabama along the Gulf Coast today.  Too bad he is not on vacation!  The only reason I know where he is today is because he called me to say how bad the weather was.  Last night we had 3.75 inches of rain in my rain gauge.  Lots of really violent lightening and thunder.  There was hail as well.  Carrie said they were hailed upon on the drive to New Orleans yesterday. 

They are getting a new car from the Acura Dealership in New Orleans because they guy would deal with them.  The only dealership here thinks people HAVE to buy from them.  Andrew put Carrie's Honda Accord on some website, sold it in 3 days at twice the blue book value.  He didn't expect to sell it that quickly and they have been scurrying trying to make a deal on a new car quickly. They will pick up the new one either today or tomorrow.

I have several things to quilt for deadlines.  The Inspiration Roses is due on or before Saturday and the Remember Me Block Quilt Challenge is due soon as well.  That one is the green rick rack one, and is in the same state as I last left you with it.

And of course I need to clean up the quilt room. 

I guess I will be in there today.  Cleaning up and quilting the Roses.  I am nearly finished and then a decision on the binding will need to be made.

glen:  I guess the big question is, if I have a daughter who designs workspaces, why is mine always so messed up and cluttered and mostly unusable?

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  1. I'm still waiting for my tamales (but not holding my breath). Good luck to Carrie on her exam - she will do great things. Glad to hear your sewing haven still is being used. (Clean means 'no use' and 'no creativity'.)

    Hugs - Marie


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