Monday, March 28, 2011

Rolling your own…….tamales that is!

Friday we rode about 14 Saturday we did maybe 12 miles and Sunday another 16..  I needed a good ride and friends were more than happy to oblige!  I need a ticker to keep track of distance overall. 

Then to dinner with other friends at the local fabulous Lebanese place called Albasha.  Yum!

After the Little Theater’s production of Guys and Dolls (yes it was the first musical I actually liked, does that mean I am being brainwashed….Aughhhh!) we found that a number of restaurants are now closed on Sundays.  I guess they are feeling the economic crunch.  We ended up with soup and salad at Olive Garden.

DSC03249 DSC03341

Saturday was busy, DiNozzo needs to be walked a mile each morning before he calms down enough to live with us.  Bouncing Basset Boy he is!  Even with this exercise he is beginning to fill in the holes and bumps in his body from being malnourished.  See his new sleeping preference, the sofa……..

And the Tamale making class was incredible.  She taught us how to make what she called Cajun Tamales from a recipe passed down from her New Iberia Maw Maw.  Oh, how I do hate that name!  Gives me the shivers when I hear it or worse, see it.

Anyway.  This is Ann and I at the class rolling our own!  Aren’t they beautiful? These were made with tamale rolling papers rather than corn husks.  Now I have to find the papers.  And she made some sort of puff pastry chocolate and creme concoction that was incredibly versatile.  And a really great salsa that can be used as a veggie! 

 Salsa DSC03257   







DSC03258 DSC03273 DSC03263DSC03277

Clean plate!  They were delicious!





Then on Saturday night Valerie and I did a CAWS fundraiser at Painting and Pinot.  You drink wine while you make a painting.  I was hoping it would give me great talent to be drunk.  I think that is how many of the Great Masters did it.  In fact, I am sure Leonardo was snockered most of the time.  Paint and Pinot is doing some fundraisers for CAAWS where the cost of the class is $35 and they donate $25 of that back to CAAWS.  We made nearly $1500 in two sessions.

Here is the Saturday night class and the kitty painting.  My girl Kitty has a fat butt.  Go figure.  You can see it in the bottom row.  Valerie’s is the green kitty in the top row.

(Note:  I put this in as a photo album link to get the line grouping, but I don’t think you can actually click and get to the album)

I was right, I had to add them as individual pics.

DSC03334 DSC03335 DSC03281 DSC03283 DSC03285 DSC03291 DSC03303 DSC03306 DSC03307 DSC03308 DSC03310 DSC03311 DSC03317 DSC03319 DSC03329 DSC03331

This is my purple big butt kitty.            and this is my favorite from the night right next to mine.


It is late now, and I probably need to at least settle on the sofa and hope to fall asleep.



  1. Glen - I love the painting - I'm really impressed. My friend, the painter. Just think I knew you when . . .

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Wow, what a great full day you had. What fun!!!!


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