Friday, April 29, 2011

Dogs - something educational for you

When you enter a conformation dog show you want the judges to understand what the ideal of your breed should look like.  So all AKC breeds have Judge's Education Seminars that allow those judging their breeds to understand what the standard should be.  Dogs in the show ring are compared to the standard rather than each other.  The dogs who come closest to the breed's standard are awarded points and titles.  This is to tell those who are fanciers of that breed, these dogs do have things about that that are close to the breed's standard.  That is not saying that dog is the ideal dog, just close to the standard.

Don't get me started on why most people who own dogs should never breed a dog.  It would take too long.

This article I cited above is a discussion on how the shoulder should look in the rottweiler.  It gives great examples of good and bad shoulders and why they are good or bad.  I found it very interesting.

Since Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are said to be the forerunners of the Rottweiler breed many many years ago, you can see a lot of similarities in the breeds. 

Yes, Dutch is a Champion, he is officially CH Timberline Double Dutch, CGC, NWPD.  He is beautiful and has a really great rear.  Don't we all want that in our men?

And No, I am not a breeder.  I leave that to those who know dog structure  and genetics like the back of their hand. 

There is nothing sadder than an owner who loves their dog so much and is having to make decisions that could have been prevented by careful breeding. 

I hate back yard breeders.......can you tell?


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  1. I've just spent 20 minutes catching up the last week with you. You have had a very, very busy week (without me, I might add). Love that restaurant - such beauty.

    The black really defines your newest play adventure. I've never used much black but maybe i should look into it.

    Good to see you on top of 'everything'.

    Hugs - Marie


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