Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Kleptomaniac and the Dots Top

Take a look at that sweet face, that little sleeping angel face, and think, there is no way that dog could be a kleptomaniac.  No way, you say.

We were in the local PetsMart store killing time this morning, when I noticed there were some good sales on stuff I needed.  (You can always use dog stuff and fabric stuff, I have found.)

So I went to grab a basket for our necessities.  Cat litter.  Always a necessity.  On sale, even better.  A cool treat dispenser that rolls around on the floor and treats fall out.  They have fun pushing it around and get ALONE play and FUN.  Yes, just what I needed for my Velcro Boy.  (As I sit here typing he is draped across my foot.)

We pay for our necessities and leave.  Once out in the parking lot, I notice something in his mouth.  He has a dog cookie in the shape of a bone hidden in the mouth.  It is still wrapped in cellophane but it is cracked in three places.  He was saving it for the ride home when he could get the wrapping off, I guess.

So back we went, explained to them my dog stole a bone and made him apologize to the nice cashier lady.  And mom paid for the bone.  Now tell me this was not deliberate, he had taken the price tag off to make it look like he had brought it in himself!  Smart boy, but not smart enough.  Yet.

DiNozzo got a piece for the ride home, then he had to share part of the rest with Dutch at home. 

I just finished the African Women top.  It looks incredible with the borders on.  The dark borders against the bright yellow really tone down the colors and make the whole quilt SING!

I love it.

And Frank says this is his favorite quilt of all times because of the colors. 

glen:  now to sandwich and quilt.  Judy did hers in a baptist fan pattern I think.


  1. I love it - love it - love it. We had a cocker spaniel that went in our neighbor's garages (and back porches) and would bring home all kinds of goodies, like dolls, shirts, men's underwear (you think I didn't have trouble explaining that one?) and various other things. Spokane had no fences and all the neighborhood dogs just stayed at our house (I wasn't working) and I would let all of them in the house.) We used to put his 'aquired' goods out by the mailbox and eventually it was all back to the original owner - except for the men's underwear.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Someone must have slipped his the dog biscuits when you were looking - perhaps a soft hearted child coz I am sure Di Nozzo would n't have stolen it - either that or he was saving it to take it home to Dutch! Love the quilt - love the african lady fabric - I have some similar and can't wait to use it!

  3. Your dog is very entertaining.... I love how your quilt turned out. Worth the frustration I guess.


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