Thursday, April 14, 2011

(Think Camelot) If you ever leave me......

Richard Burton with a beard.  (Oh, yes!)  One of Frank's favorite plays, one of his favorite places and one of his favorite actors. 

But it has depth of meaning today in a different way.  I told Frank yesterday if he ever decided to leave me, I was going to pick up my dog and find me another guy.  And it wouldn't take long at all.

For some reason DiNozzo attracts men.  Lots of men.  You would think that womenfolk would find a Basset Hound with droopy eyes and long long long ears so adorable.  Most don't even smile when we walk by.  But he always catches the eye of men.  It certainly can't be ME, unless I have a separate image from the one I see in the mirror.

Men of all ages, I could have my pick! 

Today DiNozzo and I walked our mile and a half around the neighborhood during the morning commute.  This tricked out red dually pulled over in the street (just the kind of truck I like, big and red and tricked out) and out of the driver's window sticks this shiny shaved gorgeous bald head with a huge smile.  Oh, and a Basset Hound puppy!  He (the head) yelled Bassets Rule! and drove off in a thunder of mufflers!  Hey, my dad was bald, I have history of loving bald guys!

Yesterday when DiNozzo and I were at PetsMart getting  a new toy (a busy ball) we were stopped in the parking lot by a 30 something hunk of a guy (with large muscles and a tiny waist, just the way I like them) who couldn't keep his hands off DiNozzo.  He professed his love for the Smelly Basset Breed and thought DiNozzo looked smashing.  He commented on his well muscled physique and said he never thought of Bassets as body builders, but thought my guy looked like one.  (and he does with all that walking we do, why don't I?) 

Once inside the store, we were perusing the stacks of dog foods, actually DiNozzo was  having a Smell Fest in the dog food aisle.  I looked up to see this scholarly gentleman, in my age range, with gorgeous locks of silver streaked hair and a closely trimmed silver beard (just like I like them).  Silver Beard Guy says, What a beauty!  (Anyone who starts off a conversation with me that way is OK in my
book!)  Are you showing this guy?  He is wonderful.  Who is he out of?  Is he from around here or did you import him?

Later at the dog park, I met a dark handsome jet pilot who smiled at me from behind his aviation sunglasses.  Yeah, I have history with that as well.  We talked about flying amidst his overtures toward DiNozzo.  His dog was a Sheltie Mix Rescue and hid between his legs the whole time so I couldn't very well return the compliments. 

So if Frank ever leaves me, I know just how to get my next guy hooked.  Looiziana Basset Rescue, you have the key to my future.  I will be knocking on your door as soon as mine slams!

But don't worry, I plan on keeping Frank around for a while longer.  After all, he is Chloe's Basset guy.

glen:  look at that smile on BOTH their faces!


  1. Hmmm, I need to borrow DiNozzo when I tool around town. --your divorced, manless BFF

  2. Glen, you never fail to crack me up. Give your doggies a scratch from me! :)


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