Sunday, June 19, 2011

Design Wall 6-20-11

This is the only thing I have worked on in weeks.  Charity quilts.  Four so far.  We have had two Sew In Days and I have worked my fingers off doing these babies.  There will be one more Sew In next Saturday, that will make three for this Charity project.

On Friday Valerie and I cut out 7 Charity Mystery Quilt kits and 3 Jelly Roll Race kits for the Sew In on Saturday and very few people showed up.  I think there must be a problem with some of the people and personalities.  A "take my ball and go home" attitude that they think will hurt the show.  But, unfortunately for them, the show will go on.  I hate those petty problems when it is the guild who is trying to do something for Charity and its members. 

This is it.  No more for me for this show.  I need to concentrate on the things that I will be putting in the show.  And I have some obligations I need to fulfill in my Virtual Bees and Solids Challenge. 

Here is the latest one from yesterday's Sew In just off the sewing machine at lunch! 

 Here are some of the officers looking over the fabrics and antique quilts that will hang in the show.  The quilts were beautiful.  Becky's grandmother and great-aunt made most of them.  The work is incredible!

 I have several quilts that are currently UFOs that need to be completed for the show.  I hate to do bindings, but that is the stage of two of them.  And my AAQI quilts need to be sent off.

glen:  too much work and too little time, isn't that the story of my life!


  1. I think that is the story of everyone's life!

  2. Right now, guild cliques are getting to me. Such pettiness can be a real drain on energy. I like the quilts you have been working on for charity. You are so right about so little time to do it all.

  3. LOL! Glen - OMG - your guild is alot like the one that I used to belong too. Finally my husband told me to quit since hanging out with them fell under the category of "Not Fun"! I don't know what's wrong with ladies either - can't anybody go with the flow anymore???

  4. I sure like the red and black quilt in this post. It is very pretty! And I LOVE your header. It is just beautiful. One of these days I hope to do something along those lines if I live so long, lol.

  5. Your quilts are beautiful! With all the prep cutting your hand/arms must have had a major work-out. Too bad people can't get along - especially for charity.

  6. My wrist hurts just thinking of cutting out that much in one day. I've never been a member of a guild, mainly because I've heard about the cliques. I guess that's not much different from any other large group, even those not organized, like a neighborhood. I do wish I could find a group that quilted together though. Your sew-in sounds like it would be fun.

    Do we get a sneak peek at your show projects?


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