Monday, July 18, 2011

Home is the Sewer, Home From the Retreat…..Huh?

When I demonstrated curve piecing for the leaves, I started out talking about the sign I saw at a quilt shop on the last vacation to San Diego, CA.   I was startled to see the sign say Sewers for people who sew and not Quilters which would have not sounded like the underground sewer system.

It is a cute sign, but would have been more effective as Quilters Parking Only! foodplate

The retreat was a blast.  We laughed, ate everything in sight and sewed out fingers off.  Everyone had stuff to work on and turned out a lot of stuff.  Here is a sampling of what we had going on.  I know I took a picture of Heide but I don’t see it in the group.  I am charging the battery so hopefully it will still be in the camera when I get it back together. 

Just scroll down to the end to see all the work we did.  We really did a lot.

Houses for the Habitat For Humanity Raffle Quilt.  We need more so get working on a Wonky House from Tonya Ricucci's Wonky Houses.

We do have her permission to put this in the raffle in October to raise money for the Habitat Houses.  We are also making several quilts for the houses they complete as well.




Charlene and I sat next to each other, and she didn't steal any of my stuff.  In fact we communally forgot several of the same things, like a seam ripper (but who makes mistakes anyway?) and had to keep borrowing from Karol.  Although she kept the seam ripper going hot and heavy. 





Here is Karol’s $#%@^ Charity Quilt!   She worked so hard all weekend!  But it will be beautiful!


BeckyFincher BeckyFincherRoundRobin


Becky worked on several things including her Round Robin from last year.  Jessie and I added rows to this beauty.  It is nearly complete.

Becky also worked on a huge King sized neutral quilt for her good friend.  It is breathtaking to see all those neutrals party like it is 1999! 


CarolineTopFinished Carolinebirdhouse CarolineQuiltingtop


Caroline did the quilting on her Angle Play Stars from a class we both took a couple years ago.  And she just recently won birdhouses in a lotto at River City.  They look just like her style!

CharleneTop2 CharleneGreenTeal CharleneTop1


Can you see Charlene hiding behind her teal and chartreuse quilt?  She’s back there!  These are the sweeties she put together this weekend.  I love them all.  Some of the blocks for the lighter quilts were already done but she did have to piece about 1/2 of them.  They are both from the laser cutting done by John Flynn.  Very precise cuts made the many pieces of these blocks go together well. 

LindaBPatriotic LindaBSewingJessieValB



Linda worked on a couple of things but she put the binding on the top Jessie had quilted for her.  This will go to her brother.  It was bright and beautiful and totally fun.lindaBapplique


Jessie’s wall kept changing.  She had a number of projects to work on like the BOM Stars from Hell.  Not the official title but you know exactly what she means there.  And that Blue Crumb top.  JessieMornSplash JessieBraid  







Jessie had the Judy Laquidara Morning Splash that nearly bested her.  The braids are fro a string braid quilt.  And here are her crumb quilts going together. 










Speaking of the Judy Laquidara morning Splash, Valerie B just had to show off her work on that one. The border is a bit complicated but she is working steadily on it.  The other quilt is a BQ quilt that everyone fell in love with.  It kept growing and growing and growing all weekend. (PS The link to the album won’t work so don’t try it!) 

(See, I told you it didn’t work.)  The next one won’t either.


These are my little babies.  The red/gray is a Bonnie Hunter Playing With Jacks from the workshop earlier this year.  Ann’s Letty Bag I promised her for her birthday last week.  The England Quilt and the Black and Red Charity Quilt needed binding.  And the Cross The Pond Quilt needed binding as well.

GlenBabySewingTop GlenBaby



I completed the quilting on the Baby Quilt for Dennis’s new little grilie. It needs binding and then it will hang in the show for a while and THEN go to the baby.


I worked on the Leaves all day Saturday.  It is truly the ultimate community quilt./  I put the blocks on the design wall and all day long people would pass by, move a block, change a position, add a strip of material.  It kept moving toward complete with each step.  Finally, late afternoon I did the Happy Dance and decreed it finished.  Here are three of the versions along the way.glenleaves8glenleavs 4





Looking good!




Just below is the final final final quilt top!





I think it is gorgeous!  The Virtual Bee People will be in awe of my amazing talents with what I did with all their blocks.




  1. Looks like you had lots of fun - and got lots done! Great to see all the quilts - love your leaf quilt - just fabulous!

  2. What a great retreat. Very talented quilters there. Your quilts look amazing. I love the leaf quilt. You really did amazing things with the blocks your bee sisters made. Wow!

  3. Thanks for posting our retreat. I really enjoyed the every one and every thing.
    Love ya,
    Becky Fincher


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