Friday, July 15, 2011


No, silly, it doesn't mean surrender!

It means that I am leaving this morning to head to the retreat house.  I have my SUV literally STUFFED with projects, and I keep thinking of more to put in there.  My quilting room looks so open that I am thinking I need to use my SUV as a storage shed just to have some open space in here.

I am bringing TWO sweing machines.  But I can't find my Elephants.  I wanted to put them together.  That is OK I will have more than enough to do without them.  I do have the Outhouse blocks!

Talked to Paula for a while.  She was supposed to be with us, but her mother died and she is in MO trying to sort out the house and goods for sale and get her mom's affairs taken care of.  She misses us and wants to be here.

I am packed and ready to go, just waiting for Charlene to call me.  We are meeting at the Chimes for some fabulous Blue Cheese Dressing on something....anything.  I have my salad stuff ready to go, fudgecicles, and what all else.

I am just plain ready to hit the road!  Oh, and did you know Hostas had blooms?  This is the one I bought from Jo Paula.  It is way cool!

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  1. Knowing YOU, half of these projects will get finished OR at least worked on before the week-end is over. Ann C


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