Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching up

I have been catching up with the blocks that need to be tested for the Vol 4 of 100 Blocks for Quiltmaker Magazine. I can't show those to you yet, but one is so adorable it will make you want a whole quilt out if it. 

I also have mailed off all my Virtual Bee Blocks for the 2 bees I participate in over at 15 Minutes Play. 

And I finished the baby quilt for Frank's counterpart last night.

Since the diagnosis with Dutch, I have not had much energy to do anything but just look at my dog.  Wasn't he the cutest puppy?  He loved being on his back.  When he was about a year old, there was a big joke going around at the dog shows when someone noticed he had those zebra stripes on his private parts.  He thought they were admiring his studly attributes.  So that is when he began showing off.

Sometimes it just takes a lot of effort to do what I need to get done in a day.  But now that the quilt show is no longer my responsibility, I will have more time to get involved with the other groups.  I do the Mystery Quilt at River City each month and will bring the Christmas Bag Project to either River City or Remember Me.  



  1. Dutch does look very relaxed! I bet that quilt show does take a lot of time!

  2. All you can do is take comfort in the knowledge that you are giving Dutch the vey best life you can while you can but I know that is not going to be easy. Take comfort where you can and know that you will get thru this. Hang in there.


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