Thursday, August 18, 2011

Everything Is Fair In War and Quilting

The battle rages on.  Piles of detritus are scattered everywhere.  Sharp metal objects are buried, then resurface.  Only to be buried once more under mounds of tiny fabric scrapnel.  Does this sound like your quilt room?  Hmmm.  Well, it is mine.  I need that MASH Unit in here, STAT!

I fight the battle on a daily basis to keep the room manageable and it never is.  I have begged Frank to let me move so I can box everything up and take it out in new surroundings, neatly put away for a few days.  He refused.  I guess we can't move every
 couple of months.

 A couple of people over on the scrappy blog started talking about their sewing areas and taking pictures of these beautiful, neat, clean places.  Full of white fluffy clouds and floating fairies.  I was envious.  I have had that on two occasions.  It was marvelous.  But since I brought my mother's stuff in here it has been a total meltdown.  There just is not enough room to keep everything in one place neatly.  I purchased some stacking baskets that will help control the material.  I have been keeping the excess material in the shipping boxes they came in.  but that is not working, these baskets hold much more.

So today it looks like this and I will hopefully share with you some "clean and clear" photos later this week. 

Right now most of my stuff is going out of the door via unauthorized personnel.   Sneaky little basset. 

I will need a sentry guard to keep him out of here. 


  1. Looks like my studio and my sneaky unauthorized personnel who loves to drag scraps over to DGD#1 for her inspection after he shakes the life out of them.

  2. Glen, I sent you an e-mail wanting pictures of your organizing project before I looked at your blog and here are the pictures! It seems that things get worse before they get better. Don't give up - wrangle that fabric!


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