Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Wall 9-26-11

Finally!  Something new on the design wall and a computer to post it with!  I have been having problems in both those areas recently.

This is Ami Simms Twisted Sisters block done in Halloween fabrics from a random visit to Hancocks and the appearance of that pale green fabric which you can really see much of anyway.  Isn't that how it goes?

The block involves some partial seams but Ami's way of doing things is marvelously easy.  And the template makes this block a spooky breeze to make.

Charlene and Ann and I attended the workshop in Lafayette with Ami.  She is wonderful. 

So far there are 20 but I have enough to make about that many more. I am debating on making this with a sashing and making two or making just one large one. 

What could I do with the second one......?

And just to show you that I really did hobknob with Quilt Celebrities here is a picture of us with Ami!  LOL.



  1. I love your quilt.....the pinwheels are a perfect Halloween trick!

  2. Love your Halloween quilt, and I do notice the light green. I like it as is but the sashing might be nice, too. Nice that you were able to take a workshop with Ami.

  3. Love the quilt....Good luck on getting it done by Halloween. I always start seasonal projects and they never seem to get finished until the next time the season comes around...

  4. That makes a great Halloween quilt. Love it.

  5. How great that you were able to get in on that class with Ami! Love your has lots of movement!

  6. I just want to say that Ami Simms will always be my hero - I read her book on how to hand quilt and she seduced me right into loving to do it! I don't know if would have ever kept at it if her book wasn't so entertaining!!! So glad you got your design board going again!! Looking great!


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