Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photos from last week

On Saturday we had a CAAWS Adoption Fair at Walgreen's on Airline and Highland in Baton Rouge.  Two dogs were adopted and we raised $325 in donations!  It was a fabulous SUCCESS!

Here is DiNozzo smoozing the onlookers.  Walgreen's took Halloween photos and here is DiNozzo looking nonchalant as he was being photographed by paparazzi.

This is Barkley.  He has a good chance of being on the cover of the Southbound Calendar this year!  Look at that personality, and I do like his hat.  Yes, calendar season is upon us. 

We stopped by Carrie's house, and took the door off the kennel she keeps Hugeaux in during the week.    It is lined with sheet metal and he has torn it up.  In the process he ripped up his feet and mouth because you and I know that sheet metal can slice like a knife.  She obviously did not and allowed the metal to be on from the last time I told her it was ripped open.  He literally tore half of it off and sliced his paws up pretty badly.  Saturday morning I noticed an abrasion on his eye and ran him into the vet's office.  They don't think there is anything in there but there is definitely a cut.  So he has meds, he is so good about me putting stuff into his eye.
While there I noticed the veggie garden is full of broccoli, peppers and that star of Texas hibiscus.  Pretty.  And an elaborate system of watering tubes.

One thing I did like was that she has this arrangement on top of her cabinets in the kitchen area.  The painting is her original and the wooden grate like thing laying down is from the secretary that belonged to my grandmother.  She recently had it redone and it is sitting in her foyer.

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  1. Glad to see you got your computer back. Nice to see the photos. Have a wonderful evening.


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