Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ponchatoula Quilt Show 2011

There was an entire group of us meeting up at the Ponchatoula Quilt Show this year.  Lots of Baton Rouge people and lots of Lafayette people and of course Ann and Charlene and me!  We met some Ponchatoula people, and our friends Jan and Dwight, and had lunch.  Frank and Dwight worked the ticket selling at the Community Center while Ann and I smoozed the people and the quilts.

Here are some important ones and then I will let you view the rest of the pictures.  I only took a fraction of the quilts, there were so many and they were all so beautiful!
This is Jan's clam shell hanging.  Lovely
This is Jan’s beautiful clam shell hanging.  The guild’s challenge this year was to create a bucket list and work on some items on the list.  This was on hers.  Beautiful work!

These are some of the Hoffman challenge quilts.  Definitely stepped up a bit from previous years I have seen.  Incredible.  (Don’t try the links, they don’t work.) (but then maybe they will, you can try it and see.)
raffle quilt 2011
  This is the raffle quilt for this year.  Another incredible piece.  Of course, it is a Judy Holley quilt, wouldn’t cha know.

Now for the rest of the pictures.  Enjoy!



  1. oh wow, how fabulous!! I remember Ponchatoula for strawberries - and I think they used to have a gigantic alligator in a cage, didn't they? Fabulous quilts.

  2. Ooooooh! Aaaaaaaaah! These are some very nice quilts. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Leeapaul and Pape had a great time looking at the people and the quilts.


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