Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A new past time

I have a new past time .... Finding books for the kindle app on my iPad for totally free. Yes, totally free. And most of the books are actually fairly good. I have maybe 15 books now ranging from free to $1.99. I really hate to pay for books. Prices have gotten outrageous. I guess that comes from growing up within walking distance of a branch library. I read all the JUV books in the building; i devoured all the dog books in the place and all the horse books. Anatomy books were a delightful find. I just created the calendar for Southbound Swissy Club on a website that publishes, prints and sells them for a nominal fee. The other products they offer are book and ebook publishing. This may be the source of some of these books, budding artists. Some of them have to be good. What a wonderful new technology. I wonder if I can find some quilting books for free on here? ,

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  1. Ok - now you have to share - where did you find these wonderful books? I have to load up my Kindle for the cruise coming very soon.

    Many, many hugs - Marie


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