Monday, December 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday 12-12-11

I spent a little time, well 4 hours actually, cleaning up the center of my quilt room yesterday.  It was something I really needed to do since I can barely get in there anymore.  Everything that has no home ends up in MY quilt room

I have not sewn in such a long time because I have been spending time with Dutch in his end days.  He lost the battle to bone cancer on Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week crying and walking with the bassets in what seems like an empty house.  I miss my beautiful boy.

My design wall is not for publication this morning.  It is a present for someone who reads this blog, so I can't show it to you or tell you who is the lucky person!  But you can have this hint!  The countdown to Christmas is facing me, and this year my quilted gifts will be small.  This is the only quilt I will give. 

Matt, my biggest quilt fan, will have no quilt from me for probably the first time in his life.  But I may can make it up with these fabulous fabrics after Christmas!

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I did make some Panettone, a traditional Italian Fruited Bread, this Saturday.  Against all odds.  I have never made it in the new convection oven so it was a bit done on the outside.  But it was totally perfect on the inside!   DiNozzo jumped up and ate half of one bread as it was rising so I ended up with one large loaf and one small loaf.  And I didn't tell Frank.  I know the Swissys would never have done anything like that.



  1. My son loves football. This is a very good football material.

  2. I've scrolled back and read your posts about Dutch. I'm sorry for your loss. The only bad thing about a dog is saying good bye.
    (We've done it twice now-hate it.)
    That Panettone looks scrumptious.

  3. Those are perfect fabrics for a quilt. This year you are ahead of me...I won't be giving quilted gifts except to my secret sister. Next year with NO graduation quilts to make, I will be making gifts all year round. DGD#1 might even get that second quilt she wants.

  4. Have fun with your sewing! Looks like you have two nice projects lined up and ready to go. Your bread is really beautiful.

  5. Yes, why is it that the quilting room is also the catch-all room. Sometimes mine just feels like a giant junk drawer. I am sorry for you loss. Take care.


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