Monday, December 12, 2011

Judy L's UFO Challenge

Well, since I got so many done in 2011 not many done in 2011 I figured I needed to do it again this year.  So here is the list of the ones I will definitely do probably won't do either in 2012.

1.  Elephants fro Sri Lanka
2.  OUthouse blocks (yes, they did surface at some point and hopefully I can find them again when the # is called)
3.  Christmas Scrappy
4.  Scrappy X blocks
5.  Polar Bears
6.  Cow I and Cow II
7.  BQ Quilt
8.  Paperpieced Cats
9.  Blue Jean quilt
10.  Feathers
11.  Any one of Judy's Quilts (maybe the Connect the Dots class)
12.  Any one of Bonnie Hunter's Quilts


  1. I am all for finishing the Cats.

  2. What is the link for this UFO challenge. I could use a little boost to keep me going on mine. I hope you find your outhouse blocks. I would really like to see this one finished.

  3. LOL, you cracked me up. Isn't that how it works out so many times? We have grand plans and then life gets in the way. Hope you enjoy life in 2012 and get just enough quilting done to feel happy.

  4. How many did you finish last year? I did a whopping 3! LOL! But that's three I wouldn't have finished without her. And I do like getting a bit more organized because I have to list them. Good luck and have fun working on your quilts. I'll be cheering you on!


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