Friday, December 30, 2011

The Three Legged Dog, Dinosaurs and a Serious Sinus Shutdown

Will 2011 ever end?  Pleeeeeeeease??????

It is a good thing I have lots of patience.  When I left to run some errands 4 days ago, I put DiNozzo in his crate and tossed in a Milkbone.  Normal procedure.  DiNozzo uses the crate Dutch had when we were on the show circuit.  It is huge!  Dutch, as 120 lbs, could stand up and turn around comfortable so I know DiNozzo at 55 lbs and short as a stump is way comfortable.  But when I got home and opened up the crate, he came out on 3 legs.  What??????

Chloe is now sleeping on Dutch's bed

Is it some unwritten law around here that a dog can only have three good legs?  Bonnie Doon had bad hips and her left one sometimes gave her a bit of trouble.  Dutch had a right front leg in which he tore a shoulder muscle when stadium jumping.  And Chloe the Smelly Basset has that torn ACL from when I fell over her and ended up with my own knee surgery.  Three good legs, all of them.

Is that not pathetic looking?

Now DiNozzo.  So I did when I always do for dogs.  I treat for 1 to 2 days and if it isn't better, head out to the vet.  In fact, I knew already the vet would say, Rimadyl twice a day and rest.  So that is what we did. 

DiNozzo did get better.  He was no longer limping on day 3 so I stopped the Rimadyl to see what would happen.  I really had no idea where he was hurting.  His patella was not moving, he had no tenderness in any leg part, nothing wrong with his foot or toes or pads.  I was stumped.  So off to the vet.

Vet laughs at me.  He always laughs at me and my three good legged dogs.  He pushes and prods and pulls and pokes.  All the P's.  Then he runs his fingers down DiNozzo's back.  In the lower back section he is weakness.  Sciatica.  Can you believe that?  Yep.  So he is on......let's hear it......Rimadyl and rest!

I have my first actual finish on a UFO for 2012.  Even though it is in 2011 on Dec 29, it is actually for 2012.  I needed to get it off my floor because it involves more than just a quilt.  It involves a whole sack full of dinosaurs.  I bought the dinos from a garage sale for $8 and the quilt is from my stash.  I don't really have too many kid fabrics, but most of them went into this effort.  A great stash buster and UFO finish.  Oh, can I claim this on my stash busting report maybe???????

last but not least, not least at all, because of all the cleaning and sweeping and moving of stuff it stirs up all the dust and fabric fibers.  Which in turn causes my sinuses to object.  To top that off, yesterday, and he swears he did not do this, I picked up the Windex Vinegar Cleaner I was using to clean surfaces and blinds and shelves as I went.  The top sprayer thingy stayed in my hand but the bottle with ALL the liquid fell to the floor.  I was on the stepladder and it poured out over a large area of the floor and stuff.  So the smell was quite strong despite the fan and an open window.

So I can't breathe, I have another three legged dog but I have a dinosaur finish! 

 glen:  2012 where are you?????


  1. Oh dear! Poor Di Nozzo and poor you! Roll on 2012 - hope it is a great start to the New Year to lift both your spirits!

  2. I am so glad you finished that quilt. I coveted it for Bryan when I saw it even though I know he has left the dinosaur stage. Yes, you can count it as a used in your first Stash Report. Go with the plan and end 2011 drunk.


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