Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tiny Tiny Houses

I now have 16 houses done.  I should have 17 but one had a tragic accident.  In fact I think I have made every mistake possible about now.

Like I said, the learning curve was steep.  But I do have a nice system worked out.  And when I was at Office Depot making copies of my Lotto Block entry for Block Lotto, I came upon the most wonderful find.  It was the perfect case to keep all my tiny tiny tiny pieces for the Tiny Tiny Tiny Houses. 

And it was in the Clearance Shelf.  I asked the copy people to price it for me and it was $4.00!  I ran back and got the other one as well.  Can't beat that with a stick, as they say.  See the sections?  I have the sections labeled with sky, door, window, etc, so I have them separate and contained.  The large section in the front is where the scraps go so I can riffle through them for the gables and such.
My system is to pin together sections so it is easy to just grab a window section and match a door section to it.  Then I put them in the appropriate section in the carrying case.  When I run out of pinned sections I can sit in front of the TV and make more.

 I can tell you a funny story about the carrying  It was certainly not funny when it happened.  I must admit, I did say a few bad words.  The case has a top section and a section that opens from the bottom   The idea is that you can turn it over and open it up.  The bottom section is perfect for finished blocks that can lie flat.  So I tossed my completed houses in there.  Well, I picked the case up, and wouldn't you know, I had not made sure it was totally and completely secure. 
Every piece of scrap and window unit and door unit and sky and roof and thread and lost earring fell out.  All over the table, my lap, into the trash can and all over the floor. 

I was not a happy girl.  But I picked them all up and got them back into their respective sections.  Every once in a while I do find a door in the window section, or a sky in the roof section.  But most are happily living within their own sections. 

I had to show you this Tiny Tiny Tiny House section.  See that Basset in the window?  It looks like my house!  (except that the window is 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch.



  1. Love that doggy in the window. Every house needs a dog.

  2. Learning only takes place when you make mistakes. When you don't, you are a robot. Happy New Year! will drink a toast to you my friend.


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