Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Feel Different Already!

I do, really.  In fact, as we were standing in Adele's driveway watching the boys shoot off fireworks that looked like the scatter bombs in Iraq, I felt different the second the clock digitally flipped over to 2012 and 1 second.

Carrie is going to send me some of the fireworks pictures I took with her camera, I did manage to forget mine.

But the best picture of 2012 so far is this one. 

Happy New Year and I hope this is the best year ever for you and me!

Oh, and NOW I can show you the Tiny Tiny Tiny Houses!  Yeah!  I know you have been waiting for this momemt, I hope it exceeds your expectation!  LOL.

I do like the black as the sashing.  I will have to look for some black in some of the fabulous sales that are still going on in the stores right now.  Jeanneke uses red cornerstones and I think I will use blue.  Or green, just to be different.  I had the houses on a piece of deep blue and they did look good.  Lynn Roddy Brown said she likes to use a deep purple for  borders on quilts that have so many colors in them that you often can't pull out just one or two main colors.

Maybe purple even.  We shall see.  The year is ripe with possibility!



  1. Perfect picture! I love the houses but still say those are gosh darn small.

  2. Happy New Year, Glen. I love the little houses. I drew out my pattern, but I am not sure I can do them this tiny. I may make myine a bit bigger. I will try a tiny one first, thought.

  3. Cute as can be and lots of work i'm sure. Great work!

  4. Love the slight Wonk to the houses.
    I Have decided NOT to join you in this project, for I am committing myself to a year of Finishing/Deleting UFOs. Right now I have 24, way too many.
    Will be watching your progress tho'.


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