Sunday, January 29, 2012

Biking week 2

After the toilet paper incident, I needed to ride.  We knew we needed to ride Saturday because of all the stuff we need to do tomorrow.  The four of us headed out toward White Oak Lakes again.  We wanted to see what the water was doing, remember last week it was high up against the weir, which was unusual.

Last week bridge and bench
And WOW!  The water was even higher in the Amite River.  You can see it ponding in places I have not seen water before.  Even during the Mississippi Floods last year.

Last week Amite River
Here is the Last Week/This Week comparison.

This week near bridge and bench
This week Amite River 
And notice the gorgeous day we had.  about 62 temps and not a cloud in the sky!  The pictures look so bright and beautiful from this week.  Funny how much a difference a bit of sun makes.

This week Amite River near trail
We rode 12.7 miles this week, a mile more than last for some reason, and we went the same route I thought. Dan asked me last week, for $100 would you do that again right now?  No way I said, $1,000,000 maybe.

This week he asked again, and my price was down to $1000!

glen:  Tammany Trace plans are in progress, and the group is growing.

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  1. Beautiful Pictures! Wish I lived closer so I could join you. Good luck with parade!


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