Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sewing The Day Away Among Friends!

I spent the day with two friends sewing (not enough sewing got done!)  But I did get some blocks of houses done and made some additional trees to put in more blocks.  I am now catching up with my houses and need to start making more houses too!  This is not all of my current houses, but look how many!  And the trees are fabulous in there.  Can you see them?  Each block finishes at 4 x 4 so that is about 25 x 25 right now and is 4 "blocks".

Paula got her moose drawn for her brother's quilt.  It will be a Northcountry Moose Quilt full of luscious brown plaids.  Yum.

And Norma did some embroidery for her signature Christmas Stockings and chose some fabrics for a tumbler quilt she is starting.  I wish you could see that cute doggie she is making.  Darn.

Here we are, having fun!

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