Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On tap for today......

ABCs to Dana's Grandbaby
Can you believe I have a whole free and clear day?  My week is packed with appointments and places I need to be and January/February birthdays to celebrate still yet.  And quilting buddies sew ins and....well, who knows what else.....oh yeah, cleaning up the house a bit, LOL.

I got a new pattern in the mail yesterday, but I thought I had ordered the kit.  It is dog sledding material and I am totally disappointed.  My mistake.  So I talked to them up in Alaska and am working out a deal for the material now!   Like I need another one.........but that is beside the point.

Elena's wedding 2005
I worked on the subdivision blocks yesterday so I think I may need to do some houses today and catch up, or get ahead, I guess.

Scales looking good.

Another thing I need to do is to complete that Mystery Quilt top.  I was thinking on doing a fancy border but I have decide not to do that.  Plain border actually pulls the design out.  So that makes it easy.I can put those together and see about putting it on the frame for quilting.  Nice.

So many things to do going on, I would imagine that Judy has set up another UFO number that I need to pull out.  It is probably the Outhouse blocks that I can't find.  LOL.


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  1. A whole day for Judy L. pulled #1 which for me is Saints Stars 2 so guess I have to work on it now. LOL


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