Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update-----Mom's New Stitches

Frank and I got to the Nursing Home after the Six Birthday Party and she was not back from the ER yet.  And Kelly, her nurse, called when we were in the middle of dinner.  We left to check out the new stitches

Oh my.  She looks bad!  She looks like a prize fighter who lost the fight.  A huge bandage on the forehead  over her right eye, where that bone protrudes.  She has 23 stitches.  And her face is very swollen, black eye for sure to come.

And she also must have hit the left side of her nose so it is beginning to swell too.

The ER doc gave her some pain meds and some antibiotics.  So she was deep sleeping when we arrived.  We didn't wake her, let her sleep and heal.  Tomorrow she will be sore. 

I remember Aunt Edith, my Alzheimer Aunt as we called her (I took care of her for 10 years before she died) fell one time at the Council on Aging.  She broke her arm.  And said it never hurt at all.

So mom my not fell pain.  But the pain pills will help anyway.



  1. Oh your poor Mum - hope she isn't in too much pain and recovers quickly.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry! It's all so hard, isn't it? My MIL doesn't have AD like my own mother, so she feels every bit of every indignity. We've taken her to the ER twice in a month and two stitches last week. DH has had to live in with her for a month, now. My mom with severe AD is still cared for by all of us taking turns in Alaska and she feels very little pain and after a lifetime of it, I am grateful for even that! When she used to be able to walk, she fell constantly..even down 5 steps once and never felt a thing or maintained bruises..unbelievably strange 'side effect' for her. I am holding you all in my heart. I know and I understand, trust me.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your mom had stitches.


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