Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cheddar Dilemma

I have a dilemma.  I have just under a yard left of the fabulous cheddar and I think I will have 4 blocks left without background.  So I spent the day hunting and of course you know you NEVER have the right color in the millions and millions of yards in your stash.  Right?

Well, these are the two I came up with.

Which do you like best?  I cropped to get rid of the white design boards.  The red flower one is like a near perfect match.  The tone on tone is a tone just shy of perfect.  I tried for red, but you need just the right red and there is that shadow to contend with as well.  It needs to be seen and  if I used red it may be swallowed up in the darker.

So, choose what you like then read my thoughts at the bottom.


Here are my thoughts.  I love the way the flowered one matches so closely with the original.  But see that block in the middle?  No?  Yep, that's what I thought.  Frank didn't see it either when he came in and looked.  I am afraid the impact of a 2nd fabric will get lost in the fabric's ability to blend too much.

The tone on tone on the bottom is in the right tone, (or is it hue?) but it sets itself apart from the original and you know there is a second fabric in there.

I think I have enough for 8 more of the original and then I will have 4 of the 2nd fabric.  There are possibilities with the number four.  Four randomly spaced, four in the center (sort of), four on the corners.  Or I can make more than four and do every other block.  I have more than enough of this fabric to play.

So I thought I would make the four and begin to play a bit.  And see what becomes of the quilt in the end.  The advantage of this problem is that I already have the pieces of the backing picked out!  LOL.

glen :  Frank actually liked the top as the flowers and the bottom as the tone on tone!  He liked it with both fabics!  LOL.  Big help he was.

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  1. I vote for the tone on tone. I think it shows off your blocks. I am doing my first cheddar quilt. I had never really been interested in orange until Bonnie Hunter did a post and then I had to try it!!


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