Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dogs and Bones (Like Sense and Sensibility or War and Peace)

I recently had to purchase more dog bones for the dogs.  We do this quite often, but not not as often as when I had three or more, or the big dogs like the Swissys.  The bassets eat a lot but they consume less volume than the Swissys.  Although DiNozzo ate as much as Dutch ate and there was about 70 lbs difference in the two.

I still buy the huge boxes of bones, out of habit.  I had the big Swissys since 1989 when Pepsi came into our lives, and big dogs all my life with the Irish Setters and Labs.  While the Bassets are not "little" dogs, they are definitely short dogs.  DiNozzo sets out at 55 lbs now.  And if he were not a pogo stick bouncing off the walls and needing miles of walks daily, he would be heavier.  He is a big boned tall boy, but painfully thin even now after a year of living with me.  I should have that problem.
Cannot get this one
to orient straight up.

I put the huge box of bones into 4 airtight containers and their bone-shaped cookie jar.  They get a lunch bone, a 3 o'clock bone and a night bone before bed.  I have no idea how the 3 o'clock bone came about, but the lunch bone was to keep Dutch from throwing up that yellow bile midday.  It was effective.  Then came the 3 am upchuck, and thus the night bone.  But 3 o'clock?  No idea at all.  They were just lucky and talked me into it, I guess.

Something stuck on his nose!
The bassets reveled in the passing out of bones at all hours of the day.  They are food hounds anyway, and they thought this was most wonderful.  But, that said, the Swissys would definitely tell time.  Bonnie Doon would come in and say, Hey Mom.  Three o'clock.  If I didn't move, about 5 inutes later she would send Dutch in.  Hey mom.  Three Oh Five.  He would turn on the charm and sit up when I looked at him.  He was so cute, hovering there on his haunches, with his front legs tucked so nicely.  THen he would toss his cookies on the carpet.  I got up and gave them their bone.

Bassets don't care about time.  They just care about getting the bones.  So anyone who goes into the kitchen at any time of the day has the potential of giving them a bone.  Three o'clock will often pass me by when I am sewing on some project, and they don't care.  Next time I get up will be good enough.  As long as they get a bone, they are jiggy with it.


  1. My cat and dog can definitely tell time! Love the news and pictures of your furry friends.

  2. Abby gets biscuits for being cute. :o) I have to keep it to a minimum though or else she'll need wheels for her belly.


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