Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is for Swooze and Charlene --

I wonder why I am not on the cover?
I found the stupid  lovely magazine after three hours of looking through magazines having a lovely time going though my magazines I keep for just this reason!

I knew it was the Quilter's World from June 2007 because the only thing left on the internet is the template for the sashing pieces. It was just a question of finding it in the various stacks and boxes of magazines.  Frank says I should have a huge huge giveaway, Carrie says I need to take them to the dump.  I say they are all treasures and I need them all.

see my lovely bedroom?  

I will be working on the elephants today.  Yes!  Finally.  And may finish them before the end of the month.  I do have that extra day, you know.

But first I have to piece the back for the mystery quilt.  I have the borders on and the back nearly complete.  Somehow I miscalculated and forgot to add the extra that goes on for the long arm.  So I need to add that and put the top and the bottom of the piece on.  I may have invented a new quilt pattern by the time this is over!  I need to load something on the quilting machine tonight and get one or two of these three things done this weekend.

And I will have a LOT LOT LOT of fabric usage this week with three backs getting pieced!  Yes!

oh, I forgot to put the clothes in the washer, let me run and do that before I get totally distracted and never get them yesterday.



  1. Ah you sound just like me and my Mum - we both have magazines going so far back that we can't throw them out - a museum might call up and ask for them!

  2. I look forward to seeing those finishes! I don't buy or subscribe to any quilt magazines anymore. Yes, sometimes it kills me, but I have learn to get over it. When I was cleaning out Peg's room and the fabric storage room I went thru all the magazines I had left, took out what I had to have and what's left will go into the yard sales as is. My neighbor is on some list and gets complimentary copies of quilt magazines in the mail. He saves them up and gives them to me. I will be passing these on after I look thru them. I think having them is a great resource and a source of inspiration - I guess I just have been watching to many episodes of "Hoarders" and I have been getting rid of everything!

  3. my guild has a resale table for magazines - people donate their old magazines... and they resale for a quarter... if a magazine doesn't resale after a while, it is tossed or put in a giveaway pile. amazingly, we make a reasonably tidy sum...

  4. and what do I have to do with this post she innocently asks as she turns and walks away whistling nothing in particular to herself.....


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