Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not a Stitch Was Taken Today!

Ever wonder where the day goes?  It just flies by so fast sometimes, and so little gets done.  But I did find my earpiece for my phone again.  It disappears and resurfaces at least once a month.

I spent most of the morning at the Mall of Louisiana getting my sunglasses remade from the fiasco on Saturday.  They still did not work and I am not really sure they will ever work.  But that is another story.  The point is that the day was nearly non-productive.  I did meet Ann, Jeanette and Yvonne for lunch and that was good.  I really hate that Mall.  I get so lost and turned around.  It took me nearly an hour just to find the entrance I came in so I could find my car and leave!  Ann was concerned about leaving me alone after lunch because we both knew I had no idea where I was in that mall.  I eventually did make it home, but not before calling Frank and having him tell me where the glasses place was located.  Twice that day, he had to tell me where that place was.  Did I say I hated that Mall?

By the time I got home I was so upset about the sunglasses.  I want just plain sunglasses with reading bifocals in the bottom so I can read maps and see the camera without taking sunglasses and reading glasses on and off all the time.  They gave me a correction for astigmatism, and it makes me dizzy.  Then the correction was too light, a total mess.  They still are not right even now.

Amber's CLEAN shoes
To ease my frustration Frank called Dan and Amber and we rode 8.4 miles around the park and on a busy street to where the bridge was being constructed.  Messy mud from the last rain got all over Amber's tires, but strangely no one else's .  Hmmmm.

At the Parthenon in Athens
Then steak for dinner, lasagne for Frank since he can have carbs and get fat!

I am finally getting my notes typed up from the Rome/Egypt/Turkey  trip.  And while I am doing that, I am putting the photo book together.

And finishing 3 quilts.  But not a stitch today!


  1. I finally gave up on getting sun glasses with the bifoculs and got the kind that clip on to the sides of each lens. They are not the kind that look bad and flip up, and they work great. They have a spring thing that helps them stay on.

  2. One time, I came out the wrong door at a mall (I was SURE it was the same door I came in!), and after looking for my car for a loooong time, I was sure it was stolen. Of course, my cell phone had died that day, so I asked a store clerk at Penney's to use their phone. After hearing my story, she was very nice and helped me find the right door. oops, there was my car! good luck with the sunglasses!


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