Monday, March 19, 2012

Blah Day

It must be Monday.  Today was just a blah day.  I didn't have the energy to do anything.  Nothing.  So I did just that.  Nothing.

Got nothing accomplished.

Quilt pattern?
Well, I did get the BAM info out for CAAWS, made dinner albeit from leftovers I just tossed into the microwave, cut out 17 white squares to complete the Block Lotto blocks so I can win those fabulous triangle blocks.  I need to complete 3 1/3 blocks to have my nine maximum for the drawing.  I hope to do that tomorrow, today I was just exhausted.

I took this picture in Halifax a couple of years ago.  I thought it would be a great idea for a pattern.  I see it as a totally modern quilt.  It would need a Canadian name, well, like Halifax maybe?
Me and Patsy in Boston

This picture was taken in Boston and that is my cruising buddy Patsy from South Carolina.  The most wonderful Southern accent comes out of her mouth when she talks.  Chuck just makes you laugh all the time. She and Chuck had the good fortune to be assigned to our table during one of the Alaska cruises and forever since we have cruised together nearly every year.  We love being with them.  I am thinking about this cruise in April, we will be with them again in the Caribbean.  Maybe for the last time.  Wonderful and bittersweet.

I have been getting some of the scrap pieces cut up and filed in the Bonnie System.  I toss all my scraps into a box and then at some point in the future I sort them and trim them into pre-determined sizes.  I spend a lot of energy keeping DiNozzo from eating them.  Or my rotary cutter.  Or the thread in the box on the shelf in the sewing room.  yes, he is very creative, and not too bright.

DiNozzo!  Why does that darned dog drink out of the toilet when he has a water bowl in nearly every room? Including the bathrooms?

glen:  just wondering

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  1. Sometimes you need a day off!

    You know toilet water tastes better!! HaHA!


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