Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So click off if you don't want to listen to me complain.  Let me add a tease is about Carrie!

We are doing a birthday thing for Frank, at her house.  And he doesn't suspect that it is happening.  16 of his closest friends are coming.  We are all excited.  No presents, just people. And Crawfish Etouffee and Mirliton Casserole and Creole Cream Cheese Dip!  And a birthday cake with his picture on it!  LOL.

Since I did not want to have the menu Carrie thought up, which consisted of sandwich trays costing $75 each, she said I could take care of everything.  No problem. I have entertained a lot, just not recently.  So I have been planning and purchasing things all week.  I bring them to her house so Frank won't see them here.  Like things I don't buy normally -- soft drinks, wine, shrimp, crawfish, 12 mirlitons.

I called her this morning to let her know I would be cooking at her house either today or tomorrow, and ask which was better for her.  She was instantly upset that I would get her house messed up.  Like it is a showplace or something.  Like I would track mud or branches in and leave dirty dishes everywhere and jump on the beds.  Not like she has never done any of that stuff at MY house.

I defended myself, but later thought, what an idiot.  I called Amber and now have all the stuff I need stored at her house, and can get stuff cooked tomorrow either at Amber's or here.  And I can store the cooked food at
Amber's until time to take it to Carrie's museum.

But it took all day until now to shop for final stuff and drive across town to get the stuff from Carrie's and take it to Amber's.  But at least I won't mess up Carrie's house!

glen:  and the party will go on!


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  2. I agree, UGH! You can come and cook at my house any day as long as I get to eat some of it!!! And you can make a mess if you want. I'll even clean it up. :) But I get to eat some of it!!!! Sounds like you've planned a wonderful menu, hope everyone (including Carrie) has a wonderful time!

  3. You can always come to Lewisburg.


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