Friday, March 16, 2012

Magazine Storage Inspiration

Do you have a cat?  If you do, you have wonderful magazine storage potential.

I was at the grocery store and needed cat litter so I picked up what was on sale since they did not have what I regularly use.  I figured a few days and presto chango to new litter.  Well, it actually worked well.

But the best thing about the whole deal was the container the litter came in.  It is a plastic box (which is interesting since it seems to be a "green" product).  The plastic container is the exact size of my quilting magazines!

That means I can stop buying those magazine holders for $6 to $10 each and use recycled items for free.  And get the magazines off the floor!

The WholeCarePet Litter is the one I picked up, but check out the others and see if you can fit your mags in them as storage.

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  1. Reduce, recycle, but most of all reuse via repurposing! Great idea!


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