Saturday, March 17, 2012

Now I Need a Beach Bag!

We went to the mall last night for Frank to try on some dress shoes.  But I made the mistake of wandering through the swim suit section.  I have never fit into swim suits, mostly because of the way I am built.

My torso is long, my figure was top heavy and my legs were long.  I was generally thin, but because I am of the large boned Italian type I was never like these girls are today.  No matter how much weight I lost I would never look like these girls do today!

So bathing suits were difficult.  Well after the surgery last year, one of my problems has been eliminated.  New boobs!  And with this deal now, another has been changed.

So for the first time in my life, I actually FIT in a bathing suit nicely!  LOL.  And guess what I saw?  Bathing suits with tops that are sized like bra sizes!  Could I have used that!

Now.......I need a beach bag for the cruise in the islands!

glen:  the only prop I could find around here that war remotely bathing suit related is a fish wine bottle...go figure!

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