Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zig Zag Particulars

I know....three posts in one day is way too much.  But did I say I am stoked?  LOL

I have 19 of the black blocks made here.  I think 20 will give me a nice lap sized quilt.  EQ says that should be 57.5 inches wide.  If I do 12 taht means indivicual 12 colors.  The way an on-point quilt works is that you essentially count every other row on the vertical.

You also have to decide whether to end your row with a "up" or a "down" block.  Either way, but I think if you ended with one of each it would look odd.  So think about that when you make the decision on how many horizontal rows to set.

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  1. You ARE stoked! I have to square up those 200+ blocks. I HATE doing that! :)


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