Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Attempt at Healthy Living

When you are with Ann, you get results......FAST!

We had lunch, sort of "a friend propping up a friend session of just being with somebody you know can't change the facts, but can help you get through them" lunch. And I casually mentioned that I was researching yogurt makers. First thing I know we are walking down the streets of Perkins Rowe, so fancy it needs that extra "e", and into Sur la Table.

All I wanted to do was to put my hands on a yogurt maker and see what they were all about. Twenty minutes later, I was the proud owner of a deeply discounted Waring Pro Yogurt Maker!

This will be my next attempt at healthy living. I headed to the book store to see if they had any yogurt making books, but they did not. When i get home i need to order from Amazon I guess.

I couldn't wait to tell you, so I stopped in at the coffee shop in the bookstore and posted. So the pictures will have to wait till I get home. My simple phone you know, doesn't take photos.

(OK -- here are photos. The left one is what it looks like for 8 hours and the other one is through one of those little clear spots.  After 8 hours I take them out and put them in the fridge for 3 hours to stop the fermentation.  I went to the store and got some Real Fruit Blueberry to add to Frank's breakfast yogurt.  You know he HAS to have yogurt for breakfast, don't you!  I can't eat it at all right now.)

I can look up somemore  recipes and get the ingredients before I get home today!!!

How about some yogurt tomorrow??

glen: I might even freeze some for you!!


  1. ROFL--healthy eating--raw carrots and spinach. I HAVE made yogurt--but don't anymore! Now some good raspberries in yogurt would taste nice....

  2. No need for a fancy yoghurt maker.
    You only need a 1 litre Thermos (vacuum)flask.
    Bring one litre or just under of full cream milk up to blood heat in a pan.
    Whisk in a 125ml pot of live yoghurt ( you may have to search for this in the US)
    Pour into the warmed flask and leave with the top on for 24 hours or longer depending on how thick you like it.
    Pour into a bowl and chill
    Add fruit purée, or jam, or sugar, or fresh fruit or eat natural.
    A very healthy dish and very cheap to make
    Helen in France


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