Monday, April 2, 2012

Franks True Birthday

And I told him that he knows he is old because the first thing on the agenda on the first day of his 60th year is to call the doctor and get an appointment before he did anything else.  Off we go, at 10:30 AM to see the doctor for his cough and stuffy head.

It really does need to be taken care of because of the upcoming cruise and air flight.  We are heading out of the country again soon.

Here he is in his new birthday clothes I gave him.  DiNozzo anxiously awaiting his walk this morning.  And the Hugeaux Grand-Dog is celebrating with us as well today.  He is so excited to have a huge yard to run and chase things in.  Chloe is the reserved Mama Dog Persona who wants to get all the toys and all the treats.


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  1. Work boots and gray socks are way better than sandals and black socks! Happy Birthday Frank!!


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