Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stash report 4-1-12 - Still Reducing

I wish this were some large April Fools joke but it is not.  Sadly I did not use much fabric, I was busy trying not to let my allergies go too deeply into my chest, and planning this birthday Party for hubby yesterday.

It went off without a hitch, everyone had a great time and they loved the mirliton casserole and crawfish etouffee I made (and there was enough of it!)

I did not yet report on the scrap I used for the zig zag quilt, but I will include it in this week's.  I estimate there are 2.75 yards of scraps in the top which is 47 x 64 before borders.  I have the borders decided but not cut out yet.  Next week.

But on a happier note, I have nearly used what I have brought in, and when I get the backings and borders on the ones waiting in line I will have surpassed the mark.  The purchases this year have nearly all been for a purpose.  Well, except for those things I really really really wanted.........

used this week -3.080
used in March -4.18
added this week 0
Add in March 10.5
Used YTD -57.16
Added YTD 29.5
Stash reduction -27.66


  1. You are WAY ahead of me! I actually don't count scraps, and many of my recent quilts have been scraps. :)
    Glad your party was a fun time, sounds like the food was fabulous!


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