Saturday, April 7, 2012

Interesting Scissors

Here are the scissors I spoke of yesterday.

They were in my mother's stuff, and could possibly be from my grandmother.  She was from Alsace-Lorraine, Germany.  Obviously they were seamstresses and tailors there because that is what they did here in America.  My grandmother's aunt Wilhelmina Pottharst took my grandmother as an apprentice and she worked for her until Mimi's death when I was about 5.

These scissors are German made. Graef & Schmidt (or Braef, there is some rust there I can't make it out perfectly on the first letter) on one side.  The other side says J. A. Henchels Twin Works, Germany.

They have that curious cut out.  What do you think they were used for?


  1. Buttonhole scissors? I googled & found several pictures, and these instructions:

    BTW, saw a Swiss Mountain Dog at the Crescent City Classic today - they are beautiful dogs!

  2. Yup, they are buttonhole scissors. You put the scissors over the edge of the fabric and they cut only the part of the fabric that is for the buttonhole. :) The screw adjusts the size of the buttonhole. :)

  3. those are buttonhole scissors.

    i have 2 pairs - also from my mom;s stuff...just mine are not as old and sweet as yours.

    lovely little creatures they are!!


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