Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My To-Do list grows and grows and grows.......

It has been a while since I mentioned the Tiny Tiny Houses.  And if you go to the House blog you can see how far these people are.  The houses are well over 100 now.  109 to be exact.

I am still back at 42 but after this next vacation I will get into the swing of things.

Let's see.....what do I have to do when I get back......

Most important is the Cotton Robin piece I need to sandwich,  quilt and embellish and get mailed off for May 31.

Dan's quilt needs quilting.
Amber's Quilt needs Quilting.
Frank's quilt needs finishing.
Matt's quilt needs to be made (but the good thing about that is I saw a Saint's quilt I want to recreate just the other day! So procrastination is a good thing sometimes.)
The Elephants need to be quilted.
The Neighborhood needs quilting.
The Paint Chip Challenge needs to be completed and quilted.
The River City Mystery needs quilting
The Leaves need to be sandwiched and quilted.
The Shirt Bargello needs to be bargelloed and put together and then quilted.
The Challenge from last year on the Modern 8 Create needs to be put together and then quilted

I actually need t finish the Patch No Work Beth had me start two years ago.  I want that quilt!
Then there is the denim, remember that?  I lost the red thread I was going to quilt it with, it has never surfaced.  Every once in a while I look for it, can't find it, and forget it again.  But that is not getting that darned quilt quilted.  I was going to hand quilt it.  With a large needle since it is denim.

So, you get the picture?  I will be chained to the quilt room and quilting machines for eternity!

Oh woe is me!  What a fate!


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