Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Makes You You?

I recently read a great blog post that asked this question. I had to think about it a bit and thought you might like to give your brain matter a bit of exercise too.

I am rarely late and if I am I get obsessive about getting to where I need to be.
I love my dogs with all my heart, and they love me as their god.
I am proud to be Italian and from New Orleans but would never move back.
I wish my dad was a
I've but don't miss him.
I wish my mom peace, somewhere in her mind.
I swore I would never be like her.
I love my fabric and want to keep it forever.
I HATE to drive more than a mile from home, which is tough these days!
I can't jog, but I could ride my bike anywhere
I love my friends totally....until they turn on me, then I can walk away.
I love to cook and taking cooking classes then cooking for my friends.
I love the guy I married but he drives me crazy so I really have to work at it.
I love my daughter and her husband but they do things without realizing that they hurt.
I love traveling with the friends wo love to travel.
There are days when I am the center of attention and there are days when I still quiet,
There is not a day goes by that I don't hurt, knee, head, back, hip..you name it.

I love this blog. It has opened a whole world for me and brought so many beautiful people into my life.

So......what makes you you?

Write your thoughts about you. Come on, play with us for a minute.


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