Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Shelves Too Full - Want a Few?

My book shelves are bursting with books I love but know I will never get to work out of.  And I just added two more to the pile.  I wanted a very modern can contemporary book that has a technique I can use to showcase some panels I bought.  I have big plans for three new panels and some of the fabric from my friend in Houston who died two years ago now.....boy do I still miss her!  So I found three books I am willing to part with and wanted to know if anyone wanted them.  That makes me one ahead of the original total!  I need a "book busting tally" now.

$5 EACH plus shipping.  How's that?

All three are new books, I don't think I have even done anything out of any of them.  I bought them all either from the local quilt shop or on line through Amazon.  All three or just two or even just one.   You pay shipping costs, and I will find the most cost effective way to mail them or we can meet if you are in town.  I will be at the new quilt shop on Tuesday.  Non smoking home, and dogs don't read.

Oh, I guess you want to know what they are, right?

1.  Monk's Cloth - 17 projects and it teaches you how to do it.  If you like to do stitches with your hands and want to sit by the TV or while you are waiting, this is the book for you.  It is easy to follow and clear and colorful with lots of projects from small to large.  I thought I wanted to do it but I hate to do appllique, what was I thinking.  This is not applique it is more like cross stitch, but still.  And I do love to do cross stitch...........From House of White Birches.

2.  Fancy Free by Thimbleberries.  I love Thimbleberries.  But I have not done anything by Lynette Jensen in such a long long time.  It has pillows and table runners and bed covers and table cloths and quilts and I love them all .........  there are 10 projects in here.  I really like them, I do.....Lynette's instructions are well written and good for both the beginner and the more advanced quilter.  She has a wide following and designs her fabrics and books to go together.  This book covers the one line but can be made in a a wide array of fabrics from brights to civil war to florals and beyond!

3.  Never mind, I love this book too much!  See, what happens.....Smashing Sets by Margaret Miller.  She is the one who does the Angle Play blocks.  And there are some really creative ways ot putting your blocks together.  Very different settings that fit right in the more modern ways of working.  But can be used with traditional blocks as well, for lots of movement and something different from the traditional straight settings.

And I will see what else I have to clear out.  Maybe a bit of fabric? fabric can leave this house...........


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