Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waring Pro Yogurt Maker - DON"T BUY FROM THEM

Since you all have been following my yogurt making adventures, I have one more to tell you about that is a warning to all interested in getting into the yogurt making mode.

Don't buy the Waring Pro Products.  And they own Cuisinart so I am staying away from that brand as well.

Other brands to look at are Kitchenaid, Yogourmet, Cuispro Donvier, Eurocusine for about 1/2 the price of the Cusinart products and a hundred times the reliability.

They also own Scunci and Rusk Hair products, Interplak and Soho.  Just saying.

I purchased the Waring Pro Yogurt Maker on April 12, 2012.  And you know that it stopped heating up after just three uses.  I guess because it was an older model from 2008.  Do you think the company has a responsibility to those who purchase their products?  They do have a year warranty.  And all I want is a replacement machine that makes yogurt.  You would think that they would replace one lousy yogurt maker with a working machine, in the name of customer service.

But Waring Pro's idea of a warranty year is less than two months of ownership.

The customer service rep who has been emailing me has an email address from Conair so I am thinking they have enough company funds to replace a defective unit sold to me that is still within warranty in the name of customer relations.

The Customer Rep I first contacted when the unit failed to heat the second batch in a row said they don't repair, they replace.  I was directed to take the unit to their representative agent Home Appliances.  I did that very day.  They accepted the unit as part of the Waring Pro service centers.  

The customer service rep now emailing me, has a different story.  I am to mail the unit to them.  But I no longer have the unit.  She did contact Home Appliances and they must have told her they have the unit.

I am so disappointed in this company.  I researched the review and they were rated #2 product.  And for me to recommend them now is impossible.   And I thought they appeared to be a reputable company.

I am researching new and exciting yogurt makers.  But I didn't want to leave the old one without letting you know what has happened.  I hope you take my experience into consideration next time you shop for appliances.

glen:  Yogurtless in Yogurtville

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