Thursday, May 17, 2012

Riding in the Rain Wednesday

Dan assured Frank that it was not going to rain.  Famous last words, they were.

We headed out for a ride in Dan's area, Frank loves going back into the White Oak area.  The clouds did look ominous.  Really ominous.  Dark and stormy looking.
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And sure enough it rained.  It actually was a pretty good downpour on us.  We rode 8.7 miles and about 3.5 of them in the driving rain hitting us like needles.  I was concerned that my camera would be wet, it was in the sack on my handlebars.  But it was dry as a bone when we made it to Dan's carport and shelter from the rain.

We were all soaking wet and cold.  Amber made us some hot tea and distributed dry shirts to everyone.  My bra was soaking wet and by the time I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I had two round wet spots on the nice dry shirt front.  What a sight.

 glen:  no, I did not take a picture of that...............

But this is the sky as we headed back to our house in the CRV with the bikes in the rack!


  1. Ha! You should have took your bra off! I'm sure Frank would have liked it!

  2. I once got caught out in the boonies near Lafayette in a Louisiana downpour, on my bike. Torrential rain and lightning... And no shelter. Riding in three inches of water. Really scary. We finally found a farm, and twenty spandexed cyclists descended under a barn. What a day...


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