Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Finish and a Flop

I finally finished my Cotton Robin Project. It looks amazing, to say the least. The top called for a screaming modern backing and a bias striped binding. So that is what it got! I still can't show you the final product just yet, that will have to wait for two weeks. Here is the back of it. Don't you just love that fabric?

That was the for the flop.

After the problems with not having white flour the other day, I went to the store and bought some. Now with white flour in hand, I made some Olive Oil Bread.

Olive Oil bread must have a lower incineration point because I definitely reached it! When the buzzer went off I walked in the kitchen and noticed the smoke just drifting around the ceiling like cumulus clouds. I instinctively knew something was amiss. The bread, it turns out, was a bit, uh, shall we say, overlooked?

I took it out and had to rush off to dinner with Ann and the quilt meeting. So it sat on the countertop until I got home last night. Even DiNozzo didn't want it! I thought I should at least cut into it and TRY to salvage it, and it was actually not bad. So that is what I had as my bedtime snack last night.

For breakfast this morning, I had two slices of the turmeric bread Caroline made. which is more like you SHOULD make bread. I need to take lessons from her I guess. Her yard is looking beautiful this year once again. They have figs, lemons and oranges among the flowers and the pond fountains. We went to the Master Gardener sale and picked up some plants and fig trees. For Carrie and I, I scored an LSU Gold fig tree designed for our summers and winters here for $12.50. And an echinacea plant. Now all I need is a stevia plant and I will be excited and content......well maybe not totally content, you know.  Really......



  1. The bread reminds me of a "Mash" rerun I saw last night. Radar said something like "well, if you scrape off the black stuff there is toast underneath."


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