Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Did You Know Yogurtville Was in Italy?

Fresh from the Italian Riviera, brought to you by FedEx Brown, introducing the Roman Numeral II yogurt maker, the EuroCuisine!  (clapping, clapping, clapping)!

So if it is made in Italy than why does it have French on the box?  Hmmm.

And it has these wonderful glass jars.  The others were plastic, but I still have them and will use them for the second batch tomorrow.   Aren't they cute?  They look like tiny mason jars!  I am sure they will pop into the dishwasher so nicely.  Not that we don't wash everything before we put it into the dishwasher.  It should actually be called a dish sterilizer.
 So here is the whole deal.  It looks like an alien spacecraft.  Maybe we could get on TV on that show that debunks the claims of ETs.  It could fly through space looking like that with its red lights flashing!

I got out the pots and thermometers and milk and measured out 42 oz and began heating it up to 180.  I added some powdered milk for thickening and tried some agave nectar.  I see this is vanilla flavored so I did not add my usual vanilla.

Agave Nectar is 1.6 times as sweet as sugar and has a much lower glycemic index so it is not as fattening as sugar is to our bodies.  So that means we use less because it is sweeter and it affects us less, even better. It is more expensive right now, but you can go online and order through Amazon and get a larger quantity for less money.  I got mine from Albertsons and I forget how much exactly it was, like around $4.50 or so.  And the bottle is small.  When I tasted some leftover milk it was pretty sweet, so I will use less then the 1/ 4 cup I used this time in the next batch.

Here is my pretty little flying saucer yogurt maker heating up!  Yes!

And here is my little flying saucer still heating up two hours later!  Yes!

And in the morning..........YOGURT FROM OUTER SPACE!

glen:  And I am off for my mammogram.....

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  1. Very cool looking! Can't wait to hear about how the yogurt is once you try it.


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