Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is what I did today at the new sewing guild group.  We were short a few people, like Paula and Charlene. Next week they will be with us though, I am sure!

I completed my blocks for the Block Lotto.  I had 4 done and needed 5 more, so I cut out 5 sets.  Well, it turned out that I now had TEN blocks. Silly me.

But I am going to take a page from Patty the Quilt Lady's blog and make a really cute baby quilt with my 5.  I am thinking to make either one more or two more, well, I would have to make two more because I need a positive and a negative which is two pieces of material and thusly two blocks.

I would then have 7 blocks for a 2-3-2 arrangement.  Cute.


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  1. I'm going to give the stars another try - maybe tomorrow. The first ones I did were a dismal failure. I thought I stitched them together in the right order, but apparently I failed to do so. Luckily I had followed Sophie's advice and used some donated fabric that I didn't cherish. Yours look super!


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