Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Most Beautiful Color Green Smoothies

It Doesn't Look Like Quilting Much This Week

For some reason I am so busy I can't think straight.  I feel great after the cruise but I have so many things to do, complicated by the fact that Frank is working from home.  I am not sure if I could take him if he ever retired.  He is bad enough WORKING!

For the last two mornings I have been drinking a green smoothie for breakfast.  Before you think this is some weird concoction that has no resemblance to food, hear me out.  You may want think about something similar, especially if you have high cholesterol or weight issues you are dealing with.  The high fiber and easy digestibility of the fruit and veggies can be great for cleansing your gastro system and making you feel lighter instantly. Losing weight can be beneficial for a lot of things like Type 2 Diabetes as well.  I was not hungry all morning, in fact at 1:00 pm I had a very small lunch because I was still felling full from the morning smoothie.  Just saying.


Yesterday I incorporated a frozen banana, a mango, a peach and a handful of raw spinach leaves.  They say to add water as needed but I just added about an ounce.  And I am not sure I really needed it at all.  Up until the spinach it was a pale smoothie color.  But when I added the spinach it became the most beautiful bright green color.  You know the foods with the darkest colors are the healthiest for you!

Taste?  You ask.  Wonderful, I reply.

Frank, who hates spinach in any format, loved both the smoothies I made.  He may be a convert to a breakfast smoothie a couple times a week.  He did ask about the green later in the day, I guess it finally registered on him.  He was surprised to discover it was spinach and even readily drank a small one today.

Today I made up a recipe from two others.  I bought a small ripe cantaloupe yesterday so I cut half for my smoothie.  I added ginger (didn't have a fresh root so I added powdered)  and a kiwi and a frozen banana as an afterthought.  I dumped in some of my homemade yogurt from yesterday and added a handful of spinach.

Another winner.  You have to be careful in combining dairy and fruits.  Some acid fruits are not able to mix and keep with dairy, so you may want to eliminate it totally or add it only when you are ready to drink it immediately.

You do need a good blender for this type of work.  Mine is a Kitchenaid I bought several years ago when I was making iced coffee drinks.  It is the most powerful one they make.  The real smoothie gurus us a Vitamix but that tops the cash register at $500 or more dollars.  My $200 Kitchenaid is perfectly fine so far.

A smaller motor would not be able to blend some of the leaves and fruits, but may be good for most things. You just have to try it.

So if anyone wants to try it, we can share some recipes and combinations.


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  1. Love the look of this smoothie. Thanks for the recipe suggestions, we'll try them.


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