Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sew Day in the Red Stick

I just found out that it is Reptile Mega Month at PetsMart. Not that I am interested in anything reptile, I just thought you may want to know that odd factoid.

I left my Cheetos at home.....
Charlene, my trucker lady
Ann, my LSU friend
I, on the other hand,  spent today with 5 friends, and a few more who dropped in randomly to say hi, at the Tuesday Sew Day at Red Stick, the wonderful new quilt shop. Rachel is a sweetie to let us use the beautiful room with its natural lighting.  I can get some stuff done in there.

However, I was sort of scattered today. I brought the bottom part of my challenge block to do, but not the block to put it on.......duh!
Jeanette, my shirt expert

And I brought the fabric to make the small duffles, but not the batting To make The quilted outside ......duh!

So I just gave up and helped Jeanette cut 5 1/2 inch squares out of her late husbands shirts.

 Duh..........I can do THAT!!!!!

Good thing Frank was in charge of the planting of the sweet bay leaf trees this weekend.  Hugeaux approves.  He stayed with us for the weekend because his momma and daddy went to the Country Music Fest at LSU.  Did I show you these already?  Such a long weekend, I can't remember.  And there is that scattered thing........duh.

Can you see the tiny tiny tiny parsley plant to between the drain pipe and the left tree?  Tiny is the operative word here.  I am thinking I need some lettuce around them as well.  Carrie is having a bad problem with slugs this year.  And something is eating my coleus.  The coleus always do well.  I have not found they have many enemies, which is why I love them.  But for some reason they are getting eaten this year.  And my petunias and marigolds are eaten all up.  Greg brought me some bromilliad pieces and I tore up the petunias to put them in.  The petunias were totally gone down to the stalk.

Sigh.......but the birds have left the tomatoes and the figs alone.


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