Monday, May 28, 2012

A June Challenge

Are you up for a little healthy competition?  You bet!

I will have a prize with this one too!  No out of the US please.  Shipping is just too expensive to send it across the world!  Sorry!

Here is the deal.  I have a lot of quilt tops to be quilted.  How about you come and get a box full and see how many you can not really, although it would be nice!

I have a lot of quilt tops to be quilted.  Ones that have been around since the beginning of time it seems.  How about if we see how many of our UFO tops we can get done in June?  I count 25 or 26 just in these two boxes and a stack.  That is the majority of the tops from the last 10-12 years that got put aside or I had no idea how to quilt them.  Well, now with my machine working and a set of patterns being drawn up, I can handle it.

Can I remember that far ahead into June?  I will put a thingy on the side of my blog and get rid of some stuff there cluttering it up, how's that?  And if you want to join in, we can have a list of those working on the project.

If you just want to get a few done and play along, let's have fun.  It may be me and one other person and that is fine.  I do have a lot of tops and I need some sort of incentive to get SOMETHING started! LOL.



  1. You go girl! I found my machine cord last night and will be locating my UFO bits and bobs so that I can move them along. So I will be playing along in a way :).

  2. Since I didn't win the lottery and I don't have a long arm, it's going to take years for me to finish my quilts, all those beautiful tops will have to be hand quilted or I'll have to find a long arm quilter and marry him! hehehehe. So I will have to pass on this challenge, unless, of course, you will be giving a prize for the least done! :)

  3. You know I can't resist a quilting throw down! It offically starts June 1? I will go home tonight and post a to do list tomorrow on my blog (yes, a different one than my May 17th one, but the new list will only include tops that need done that are also on my May 17th list). I have been in a getting stuff done mode so this challange is perfect! I have no idea how many I need to get done. It looks like you have more tops than I do, but it is how many you get done challange NOT how many you have.


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