Friday, June 15, 2012

Dinner with Dr. and Mr. Graci-Lewis

Had dinner with my cousin and her husband.  Their son Matt is off at boy scout camp this week and we met for dinner at Middendorf's in Manchac, LA for some thin fried catfish and Abita Beer.  Well, Karen and I had the beers and the boys drank tea.  How's that for a night out on another town?  Southern Living Magazine declared Middendorf's thin fried catfish to be the best in the entire world!  And that is true!  It is the only fish I eat!

Karen is my wonderful crafty cousin, and I gave her my very first pin cushion and fancy pin with beads.  I will have some others up for sale soon.  This one was a cup from the 40's, and it had "Made in Occupied Japan" stamped on the bottom of the cup.  I made a beaded pin to go with the colors in the cup, blue and gold.

Of course I took no pictures!  But I have a few more ready to come off the assembly table.  Those beads are tiny tiny tiny!  (That reminds me I need to work on my Tiny Tiny Tiny Houses!)

I have several other cups and various other items like creamers and sugar bowls from the same era to make into some beautiful pin cushions.  They are from Frank's momma's stash of stuff.  Lord only knows where she got it from, I am thinking garage sales and who knows what.  That woman had hundreds of little bric-a-brac items on innumerable shelves crammed into that house when we went up to move her from Shreveport to Baton Rouge.  Now that she is gone, all that stuff lives in the storage shed.

Might as well make it pay for itself!


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