Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Duffle Bag

Today is the Tuesday Sew In at the Red Stick.  Ann and I are working on a duffle bag for her, and I will do another with April the following Tuesday.  It is not a class, we are just doing them.

The book they come from is the Zippered Totes, excuse me it is actually Totes With Zippers by Cindy Taylor Oates.

Easy Peasy project for your fabrics, dog fabrics are perfect for this.  You first make your quilted fabric by quilting your outer and inner fabrics together.  Then you make the pockets and then the zipper goes in and the handles go on and tie everything together.

It is huge at 11x 11 x 20.5 inches and will carry my stuff on the Shop Hop in Houston.

I think everyone i know will get one from Christmas this year.  In addition to getting a quilt, everyone will get one of those as well.

Divesting, I am divesting of fabric and so many quilts!  But there are limits!

You have to qualify for a duffle and a quilt...........


  1. Love this bag! It would be perfect for the gym. And the fabrics are fabulous!! Found your blog through Judy's Design Wall Monday post.

  2. Those bags are absolutely adorable! And who couldn't use another adorable bag like that? :) I am just such a wimp when it comes to making something new. How about you come an visit Arizona and teach our quilting group how to make those? *grin*


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